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Across Georgia,
people are struggling to get
the medications and treatments they need.

Harmful policies of pharmacy brokers

and the cruelest barriers imposed by

insurers have stripped Georgians of

affordable access to health care treatment.

Solution: the Lowering Prescription Drug Costs for Patients Act will help patients receive the drugs they critically need.


Rx in Reach is committed to advocating for legislation that strengthens insurance transparency and ends the financial and discriminatory barriers to securing vital medications and treatments.

The Rx in Reach GA Coalition consists of members from 42 health-centered organizations representing physicians, nurses, patients and community organizations, advocating for polices and legislation that ends financial and discriminatory barriers to securing vital medical care, treatments and medications.

Dr. Jennifer Shannon.jpg

"Every day PBMs continue to strip pharmacists of the patients they care for through their mandates and steering. SB 313 and HB 946 aim to preserve patient choice, improve transparency, and provide oversight to PBM companies that have flown under the radar for too long at the expense of patient care and poor health outcomes for patients."

Dr. Jennifer Shannon

Johns Creek, GA


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