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Patient Stories

Kristine's Story

Marietta, GA

Kristine Werner was awarded a tennis scholarship to attend college while also becoming the assistant coach for the women’s tennis team at Kennesaw State University while earning her degree from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia.

She was diagnosed with RRMS (Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis) in 2012 while working as a Sr. Global Manager in Research and Development for a Fortune 500 technology company.

Two weeks after Kristine’s diagnosis, she participated in her first Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Walk in Marietta, GA, and raised enough money to be in the top 100 fundraisers. In 2013, Kristine joined the National MS Society Leadership Class and graduated with Hall of Fame Honors. Kristine continues to be active in the National MS Society as a District Activist Leader with the National MS Society.

Kristine was forced to retire in 2015 due to her MS. Kristine served an organization of over 500 people, traveled across the United States and to India, China, and Ireland. Kristine truly loved her job.

Step therapy is a constant barrier to her care. In 2015, Kristine was taking a monthly infusion for six months, only to receive notification that the insurance company found it “not medically necessary,” resulting in a $62,000 bill. Kristine recently fought another battle with a new insurance company. Due to her divorce, finalized in September 2017, Kristine was forced to find new health insurance coverage. Her new insurance carrier stated the neurologist who diagnosed her with MS in 2012 at the Shepherd Center is out of network. Additionally, the new insurance company stated Kristine’s current infusion therapy that she began in July 2017, would not be covered until she “tried and failed” on two other MS therapies. Only after she had proven the drugs were ineffective would they would consider paying for her current drug. The drugs selected by the insurance company were not appropriate for Kristine, and one could have caused very serious complications for her.

Kristine advocated for passing step therapy at a Georgia Insurance Subcommittee hearing in 2018.