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Take Action by Contacting Georgia Elected Officials

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Rx in Reach Georgia
Rx in Reach Georgia


Georgia lawmakers are considering House Bill 343 (HB 343), legislation that will lower what Georgia patients pay at the pharmacy counter for prescriptions they need.

We need your help to pass this important legislation.

HB 343 will require health insurers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) to be transparent about the cost of drugs and pass any rebate savings they receive on to patients. This legislation will alleviate the financial burden of high out-of-pocket costs that patients continue to face. Georgians shouldn’t have to choose between affording life-saving health care and their financial wellbeing.

Help ensure Georgia patients no longer pay full price for drugs that are sold to insurers and PBMs at deep discounts.

Tell Georgia Legislators to Support House Bill 343 and Improve Access to Health Care

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