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2020 Legislation

In 2019, Georgia lawmakers passed House Bill 323, legislation which:


Requires PBM's to report to the State Department of Insurance how much they get in rebates from pharmaceutical manufacturers and how much of the rebates are not passed on to patients. 


Does not go far enough as it does not require the information to be available to the public and patients. 

Lawmakers Passed Legislation in 2020 That Further Reforms PBMs and Copay Accumulator Adjustment Programs.

  • SB 313: Senator Dean Burke, R-Bainbridge has introduced legislation to increase the oversight and regulation of PBMs.

  • The legislation would do the following: 


1.  Prohibit the practice of medicine by PBMs.

2. Require regulation by the Insurance Commission. 

3. Require that PBMs pass negotiated savings on to patients. 

4. Requires PBMs to apply copay assistance towards an insured's cost share or copay responsibility. 


  • HB 946: Rep. David Knight, R-Griffin has introduced legislation that would enact sweeping reform of pharmacy benefit managers.

  • The legislation would do the following: 

1.  Prohibit PBMs from charging an insurance company more for a drug than it cost from a pharmacy.

2. Stop PBMs from barring a cheaper version of a drug from insurance policy coverage.

3. Prevent PBMs from requiring policy holders to fill prescriptions at specific pharmacies.

4. Allow the Georgia insurance commissioner more oversight over the industry and increase penalties for violating state regulations.


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