2022 Legislation

Lawmakers are considering legislation that would decrease what Georgia patients, especially those living with chronic conditions, pay at the pharmacy counter for prescriptions they rely on. 

Georgia patients living with chronic conditions rely on their prescriptions to manage their health and live full, healthy lives. However, barriers to care still exist that are putting life-saving health care out of reach for many Georgians. Many health insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) receive significant rebates and discounts from pharmaceutical companies on the cost of medicines, but don’t pass those savings along to patients. This causes patients to pay more out-of-pocket for the care they need.


House Bill 867 (HB867), the Truth in Prescription Pricing for Patients Act, aims to reform rebates in Georgia and requires health insurers and their Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) to be transparent about the cost of drugs, and pass those rebate savings onto patients.


Tell Georgia Legislators to Support House Bill 867 and ensure ALL Georgia Health Plans Are Included

HB867 emphasizes the interests of patients should come first when it comes to access to their medicines, but this legislation needs to impact every Georgia health insurance plan, not just a few. The bill should help ensure patients no longer pay full price for drugs that are sold to insurers and PBMs at deep discounts.